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PlusX with The Agency hosted by Nina Emge

23 January 2021
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For this episode, PlusX is proud to present The Agency’s latest innovation. Within the next hour Nile Koetting, Belle Santos, Rahel Spöhrer and Meret Kaufmann will take you on a mediative journey, guided by their latest software innovation: The ‘Sense Script Software A.S.’ is a meditation plug-in developed and guided through by X AE A-12, available for Mac OS, Windows PC and/or hand-held data processor devices.

*Take a seat in a comfortable position,

place your headphones on your ears,

relax, let your gaze wander,

breathe in



hold –

breathe out



hold –








Close your eyes and enter the network through your fleshy interface.*


By: Nile Koetting, Belle Santos, Rahel Spöhrer and Meret Kaufmann / THE AGENCY

Sounddesign and Sound Editing: Nile Koetting

Images: Belle Santos

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste / Neu Start Kultur and The Agency

THE AGENCY is a theater and performance group based between Berlin and Munich, and was founded by Magdalena Emmerig, Rahel Spöhrer, Yana Thönnes and Belle Santos in 2015. THE AGENCY immersively experiments with the manifestations of neoliberalism. Their performances, in which audience members are gently involved as customers or future members, revolve around subversive options of agency under the conditions of the post-digital: How are our desires, our feelings, our identities and political movements formed in the post-digital age?

THE AGENCY has shown their works at Münchner Kammerspiele, PACT Zollverein, FFT Düsseldorf, ‘Tanz im August’ @ Haus der Berliner Festspiele, ‘Donau Festival’ in Krems, Athens Biennale ‘ANTI 6’, Volksbühne Berlin and many more. Each body of work is created within a team of regular collaborators, such as Nile Koetting.


instagram THE AGENCY ( @omg_theagency )

instagram Belle Santos ( @bella_donna_93 )

instagram Nile Koetting ( @nilekoetting )

instagram Rahel Sphörer ( @gloria.rahel )



01 - Nile Koetting - ES ES ES

02 - TEEN - Pls (Emily Glass remix)

03 - Goo Age - Check-In Lobby

04 - The Automatics Group - Swedish House Mafia/PJ Feat. Velvet/Roll Deep/Paul Van Dyk/Deepest 05 - Blue/Supermode

06 - The Automatics Group - Sonique/Grace/Gouryella

07 - Visible Cloaks , Yoshio Ojima, Satsuki Shibano - Anata

08 - Miki Nakatani - Clonic Love

09 - ML Buch - Touching Screens

10 - Tujiko Noriko - Karaoke Theme

11 - Pauline Oliveros - Sound Patterns

12 - $3.33 - ≈

13 - Rene Hell - Smile Models

14 - Mika Vainio - Tila

With the voices of:

X Æ A-12 : Wanger

The Viruses: Angela Clark

M-Bot: Elise Red

Spaceship: Sindhu Shree

Computer Operator: Emma Aditi

T-Bot: Desmond Devine