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PlusX with Verena Buttmann & Annika Kahrs hosted by Jonas von Lenthe

30 November 2019
  • Arts & Culture
  • Collage
  • Poetry
  • Hörspiel
  • Field Recording
  • Playful
  • Strange
  • Atmospheric
  • Flowing

Brand in meinem eigenen Körperhaus und ich weiß nichts davon (Fire in my own body house and I don’t know anything about it)

Verena Buttmann and Annika Kahrs are two artists living in Berlin who deal with sound and language in their works in very different, yet comprehensive ways. In videos, installations and performances, they both question their social function and communicative aspects, whereby Annika often proceeds from scientific phenomena and moves on the fringes of music, while Verena’s work is based on language and narrative methods.

For their show at Cashmere Radio, they get together for the first time to find out what happens when their works enter into dialogue with each other. They are hosted by Jonas von Lenthe, co-founder of the publishing house Wirklichkeit Books, where the 7” record “Die Schlantz, die Kured, die Kon” (The slutch, the khored, the quee) by Verena Buttmann will be released in December 2019.



1. Die Schlantz, die Kured, die Kon Part II; excerpt (VB)
2. Worst Case, Szene 1 (VB)
3. Infra Voice (2018); excerpt (AK);
Three-Channel Video & Soundinstallation 2K, color with sound, 10:35 min.
http://www.kasselerkunstverein.de/ausstellung/kkvexh/detail/kkv/annika-kahrs-infra-voice-1/ & Spalt
4. Worst Case, Szene 2 (VB)
5. Einen Vortrag üben (VB)
6. Craig Leon, Three Small Coins
7. Worst Case, Szene 3 (VB)
8. Strike (VB)
9. think about two black holes colliding, then brush your teeth and go to bed (2019); excerpt (AK)
Eight channel sound installation in two parts. Total length 3 hours
10. Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton, A River Song
11. Worst Case, Szene 4 (VB)
12. Die Schlantz, die Kured, die Kon Part II; excerpt (VB)
13. the lord loves changes, it’s one of his greatest delusions (2018); excerpt (AK)
2K-Video, color with sound, 15:49 min.
14. Worst Case, Szene 5 (VB)
15. Und (VB)
16. Alone Together (2016); excerpt (AK)
Performance, approximately 23 min.
19. Lips (VB) & Peter Szöke: Az Ismeretlen Madárzene / The Unknown Music Of Birds
20. Worst Case: Szene 6 (VB)

Additional sounds:
Nocturnal “humming” vocalizations: adding a piece to the puzzle of giraffe vocal communication:
KORG MS20 mini
Sequential Circuit Pro One

Verena Buttmann (VB), Annika Kahrs (AK)