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PlusX with Hyui Ines Rmi & Maximilian Schweizer hosted by Jan Malte Kunkel

07 September 2019
  • Arts & Culture
  • Poetry
  • Oddities
  • Soundscape
  • Talk Show
  • Hypnotic
  • Meditative
  • Atmospheric
  • Sensual

This episode +X present a collaborative project by Hyui Ines Rmi & Maximilian Schweizer. The piece called “Satie’s h3ir” sprouted from a dream seed that Hyui had 6 years ago. She fell asleep listening to the infamous “Première Gymnopédie” which seamlessly seeped into the dream to become the “furniture music” of hir dream. The dream unveiled a mysterious woman to hir, which took hir on a journey of imagined sceneries and spaces that she rendered in text. In collaboration, Maximilian Schweizer blew life into these intangible landscapes with found sounds, field recordings, and samples.

Hyui Ines Rmi – reading / piano performance

By re-contextualising different spaces – physical, bodily, auditory – Hyui Ines Rmi creates works that peel multi-layers of our present beings through sound, poetry, performance and installation; often resulting in a poetic cake of unconscious and conscious crux. She lives and works in Berlin. www.h-i-r.space

Maximilian Schweizer – sound performance

Berlin based artist Maximilian Schweizer has been working with mixed media, including sculpture, painting, photography, installation, video, performance and sound. Collaborative usage of mediums led him to incorporate cooperation as a key process in creating his work.