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Portals ‘Surface Tension #1’ with Lotte Meret Effinger

19 January 2020
  • Ambient
  • Cynical
  • Informative

As part of the exhibition Surface Tension at goeben Berlin (18.01.2020—22.02.2020) Lotte Meret Effinger presents snippets of her new or current work Datafiction. This is an experimental video game she is developing together with her collaborator Marco Buetikhofer. Within the game we are a data unit that moves through the landscape of server farms and other information architectures. Lotte plays part of the games scattered narrative reflecting on invisible mechanisms and emotional scarring. To make it easier to adapt to the sentiend landscape of this epoisode Sarah reads the exhibition text. Many questions remain unasked.



Part 1 & 2
Outtakes of Datafiction by Lotte Meret Effinger and Marco Buetikofer
Music by 33EMYBW, Aleksei Podat, ASJ, noctilucents, Sabiwa, Stasya and Wanton Witch
Engineering Christian Berkes
Speaker Jeff Yiu, Johanna Schaefer, Jessica Segall, Jo Wanneng, Megan Hogan
Copy Editing Miriam Stoney

Part 3
Outtake of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Episode 26

Part 4
Outtake of an interview with Lauren Berlant on her seminal book Cruel Optimism