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Portals What does art know? w/ Gaby Sahhar

6 November 2021

What does art know?

In dialogue with their guests, Sarah Johanna Theurer & Franziska Liza König discuss specific methods of generating, acquiring, and sharing knowledge through art. 

As a transdisciplinary art mediation project Portals combines artistic and medial practices with artists and audiences through broadcasting art alongside conversations aiming to shift focus to the authority of reflective distance.

The first guest is Gaby Sahhar a French Palestinian artist based in London. 

Working across ink painting, film and installation, Gabys work deconstructs the representation of queerness within public spheres to understand its wider impacts on queer consciousness and communities. Drawing on language and vulnerability as tools, they employ speculative storytelling to outline the ways in which cities serve the interests of patriarchal capitalist identities at the expense of others. Next to their solo practice, Gaby explores these topics collaboratively through their self initiated LGBTQI+ project space & artist support network Queerdirect.

This project is supported by Kunstfonds

Jingle: Ludwig Wandinger 

Mastering: Luca Aaron


Texts read by Gaby Sahhar:
no1 excerpt from Truth and Kinship by Gaby Sahhar
no2 Notes for a gender-diverse museum by Alex Plicher

Inner City Life by Goldie
Into you by Arianne Grande
Ponywhip by Sophie

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