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Portals ‘Surface Tension #3’ with Delia Jürgens (DIS-PLAY)

19 January 2020
  • Arts & Culture
  • Atmospheric

As part of the exhibition Surface Tension at goeben Berlin (18.01.2020—22.02.2020) Delia Jürgens is reading a text fragment by her collaborative project DIS-PLAY, wich engages landscape as a context for art.
Utilizing social media live streams as well as different laces and timezones, DIS-PLAY connects virtual with physical moments creating a merged image of different reality states that materialise as online exhibition in so-called occurrences.
Delia presents one part of the occurrence Falling of the Edges – Reality from a Different Angle (2019-2020). We also speak about painting, fragmented landscapes and different effects of
surface tension.