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Portals What does art know? w/Selma Selman

04 December 2021
  • Arts & Culture
  • Informative

As a transdisciplinary art mediation project Portals combines artistic and medial practices through broadcasting art alongside conversations, aiming to shift focus to the authority of reflective distance. In dialogue with our guests Sarah Johanna Theurer and Franziska Liza König discuss specific methods of generating, acquiring, and sharing knowledge through art, circling around the question What & how to learn from art ?

In this episode Franziska chats with Selma Selman about how she transform her personal experience rooted in histories of oppression from various directions and scales, as tool to educate & to provide access to education.

Coming of age in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a woman of Romani origin during the Juguslavien War Selmas work provides space for reinterpretation identities, stereotypes of statelessness, as well as multi-generational trauma. She understands art as a tool capable of transforming these mechanisms of marginalization, which she ll give us insight to on the example of her many projects.

This project is supported by Kunstfonds

Jingle: Ludwig Wandinger 

Mastering: Luca Aaron