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Prongof108 #122 with S&W – A Weekend Far Out Special

8 December 2018

Your hosts Thomas & Samuel aka S&W introduce their new album called “A Weekend Far Out” and show you the tracks and styles that inspired them on their way from the concept to the final result. Find tracks ranging from 70s kraut exotica over 80s japanese electronica to cozy contemporary bedroom pop and beyond. The studio was packed, and the hosts hung over, but the music they chose speaks even clearer. Enjoy!


S&W - Arrival at the Shore (2018)
Suzanne Kraft - Two Chord Wake (2015)
Nico Motte - Cap de Creus (2017)
Münchner Studioorchester - Terang Bulan (1978)
S&W - New Age Fantasy (2018)
Prins Emanuel - Aquarius (2016)
Project Sandro - Blazer (2005)
S&W - Garden of Cosmic Speculation (2018)
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Plastic Bamboo (1978)
Yasuaki Shimizu - Umi No Ue Kara (1982)
Seaside Lovers - Evening Shadows (1983)
Ryo Kawasaki - Hawaiian Caravan (1982)
Shintaro Sakamoto - Mask on Mask (2011)
Anna Domino - Trust in Love (1984)
Metronomy - The Most Immaculate Haircut (2014)
Band Aid - A Tour in Italy (1983)
Preface - Palace Hotel (1986)

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