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Property Damage #2: I wasn’t born to die a statistic

10 July 2018

Chaos, distortion and torn vocal cords: A soundtrack for tearing down walls.


Crass - the feeding of the 5.000 (Crass)
Deadfall - destroyed by your own device (Six Weeks)
Super Unison - super unison (self released)
Trainwreck - if there's light it will find you (Rockstar / Vitriol)
Irk - split ep w/ Wren (self released)
Whips/Chains - master/slave (Deathwish)
F-Minus - suburban blight (Hellcat)
Ampere - the first five years (No Idea)
Moloch - split (Dry Cough, Vendetta, Vetala Productions)
Gouge Away - ,dies (Eighty-Sixed)

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