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Property Damage #3: Trapped between white walls

7 August 2018

Chaos, distortion and torn vocal cords: A soundtrack for tearing down walls.


The Third Degree - switchblades & urethane (Slow Gun)
86 Mentality - final exit (Deranged)
Turn the Screw - self titled (Not Just Words)
Open City - self titled (End Hits)
Youth Funeral - heavenward (Dog Knight / Skeletal Lightning)
Glasses / Comadre - split (Vitriol / Bloodtown)
Nuclear Spring - self titled (Doomtown / Cut the Cord That… / Hardware)
Iron Lung - exposed (Iron Lung)
No - no (Static Shock)
Talk Is Poison - self titled (Talk Is Poison)
Pisse - split (Phantom)
Mudhoney - superfuzz bigmuff (Sub Pop)

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