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Property Damage #4: A piece of past caught in my throat

4 September 2018

Chaos, distortion and torn vocal cords: A soundtrack for tearing down walls.


Cold Meat - pork sword fever (Static Shock / Helta Skelta)
Euth - self titled (React With Protest / Zegema Beach / Middle Man / Convulse)
Friendship - hatred (Southern Lord)
Rites of Spring - self titled (Dischord)
The Freeze - this is boston, not l.a. (Modern Method)
Brother - demo (self released)
The Blue Bloods - self titled (I Scream)
The Reatards - not fucked enough (Empty)
Rauchen - tabakbörse (Zeitstrafe)
Heartless - certain death (Halo of Flies / Alerta Antifascista)

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