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Property Damage #6: It’s cold these days (Guest mix by Aim Down Sight Records)

30 October 2018

Aim Down Sight Records drags you through their collection of fierce hardcore tunes, recorded live through turntables straight onto old school cassette tape.


Frustration - Heart of Darkness + Last Will and Testament
50 Lions - Means to an End
Reign Supreme - Crushed by the Weight
Gravemaker - Time Heals Nothing
All Teeth - Goodbye Faye Dolan
Ritual - Somewhere in the Rain
Mother of Mercy - World of Pain
Hope Con - Suicide Design
Dull Eyes - Heavyweight
Terror - Not this Time
Have Heart - Lions&Lambs
Backfire - Push the Limit
Death Before Dishonor - Infected
Another Breath - I Want to Live
Old Ghosts - Scapegoat

Dead in the Dirt - Strength Through Restraint
Young and in the Way - We are Nothing
Outbreak - Test of Time
Holy - The End of all Hope
Swamp Thing - Your Faces
From Ashes Rise - Eden
Teethgrinder - Hope in Death
Deathrite - Kingdom
Six Score - Tunnelblick
Hang the Bastard - The Blackest Eyes
Sodium - Storm
New Lows - Carving Crosses
Negative Standards - IX
rha. - refugium

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