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Property Damage #6: It’s cold these days (Guest mix by Aim Down Sight Records)

30 October 2018
  • Hardcore
  • Cold
  • Dark

Aim Down Sight Records drags you through their collection of fierce hardcore tunes, recorded live through turntables straight onto old school cassette tape.

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Frustration - Heart of Darkness + Last Will and Testament
50 Lions - Means to an End
Reign Supreme - Crushed by the Weight
Gravemaker - Time Heals Nothing
All Teeth - Goodbye Faye Dolan
Ritual - Somewhere in the Rain
Mother of Mercy - World of Pain
Hope Con - Suicide Design
Dull Eyes - Heavyweight
Terror - Not this Time
Have Heart - Lions&Lambs
Backfire - Push the Limit
Death Before Dishonor - Infected
Another Breath - I Want to Live
Old Ghosts - Scapegoat

Dead in the Dirt - Strength Through Restraint
Young and in the Way - We are Nothing
Outbreak - Test of Time
Holy - The End of all Hope
Swamp Thing - Your Faces
From Ashes Rise - Eden
Teethgrinder - Hope in Death
Deathrite - Kingdom
Six Score - Tunnelblick
Hang the Bastard - The Blackest Eyes
Sodium - Storm
New Lows - Carving Crosses
Negative Standards - IX
rha. - refugium