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Passage Stage: Artist Portrait, Jasmine Guffond

11 July 2020
  • Interview
  • Informative

Jasmine Guffond will perform live on Cashmere Radio Friday the 17th of July, 9 pm Berlin time.

Jasmine Guffond is an artist and composer working at the interface of social, political and technical infrastructures. Her practice spans live performance, recording, sound installation and custom made browser plug-in. Through the sonification of data she addresses the potential for sound to engage with contemporary political questions. Recent projects employed digital technologies, sonification and the aesthetisation of data as a means of fostering discussion around contemporary surveillance technologies as well as producing experimental audio works. Interested in providing an audible presence for phenomena that usually lies beyond human perception, via the sonification of facial recognition algorithms, global networks or internet tracking cookies she questions what it means for our personal habits to be traceable, and for our identities, choices and personalities to be reduced to streams of data.

Portrait by Jessica Ekomane