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Radio as Social Sculpture Live in Melbourne: (Breaking) Habits with Inga Charlotte Thiele, No More Poetry and Lukas Meßner

17 March 2024
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(Breaking) Habits hosted by Inga Charlotte Thiele with guests from no more poetry, daniel ward, Carmen-Sibha Keiso, Sophia Walsh, and Jordi Infeld with Food Notes by Lukas Meßner

Our program is titled (Breaking) Habits), which refers to my thinking about the habits and quirks we have when we are engaged in the activities of reading, writing or listening.

What do our bodies do during periods of concentration or inattentive scribbling? When staring into space or on the virtual white page in front of us?

Sometimes I imagine that as writers we share one large desk, bed or carpet (depending on our preferred location); our bodies bent over it, or entangled in the sheets, during the day or night, trying to make something tangible, make something supposedly immaterial become physical, like putting a word on paper with black ink or by pressing our finger tips on letters printed on plastic keys to make words appear in a flashing document on our computer screen.

To not forget our bodies in this shared space, between the readings we will listen to food notes (or as I like to call them: snack poems) that the artist Lukas Meßner and I have written. They are short, poetic instructions on how to prepare a snack together, using ingredients that you may all have at home and that we have here on the table in front of us. I don't know about you, but when I'm immersed in intense mental work, I need lots of snacks, something to nibble on, to have something pleasant, moist, soft, sweet, sour, etc. in my mouth to play with.

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