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Radio as Social Sculpture Live in Melbourne: Distance and Proximity in Art Criticism with Leonie Huber (dis/claim), Jasper Jordan-Lang, Vincent Lê & Audrey Schmidt (Minority Report)

17 March 2024
  • Arts & Culture
  • Interview
  • Talk Show
  • Informative
  • Intense

In her capacity as editor of Vienna-based dis/claim magazine, Leonie Huber is joined by artist Jasper Jordan-Lang, philosopher Vincent Lê and Audrey Schmidt, cultural critic and editor of Minority Report and Memo Review. In line with its title the discussion takes as its point of departure the question of how art critical writing creates distance or establishes proximity to artistic practices, exhibitions or discourses. Throughout the conversation different frames of reference and notions of art criticism run parallel— intersected by silences, language barriers and diverging discursive strategies. Points of contact: interpretational sovereignity, autofiction and competitive environments.

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