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Radio as Social Sculpture Live in Sydney: Morning Apocalypse with Hydro Majestic, Leonie Huber & apocalyptic co.

06 April 2024
  • Arts & Culture
  • Experimental
  • Talk Show
  • Melancholy
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  • Urgent

‘Do you think he’s dead?’ his companion asked, still on the unjustified assumption that she had experienced something unusual.

“I expect he’s alive”, he answered, “judging by the way they lifted him into the ambulance.”

Just as Musil introduces us to the lifeworld of the man without qualities through a car crash (the severity of which, up to the extreme limit of its fatality, remains unclear) there is also a sense that ambient music also has calamity at its origin.

Featuring hot apocalyptic content from:

Weather Report: Oyster Clouds by Max Parnell!

Industry Report: on accidents, ambient music and airports!

Culture Report: Leonie Huber on global art discourse and its discontents!

Richard Huelsenbeck’s “Ende der Welt”, read by Jackie Grassmann!

“If history decays into images” by Sanja Grozdanić!

Waking Life: The Dreamwork Model by Tom Smith (T. Morimoto)!

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