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Radiovampiro & El Vago (La Regla) Aftershow Mix

26 June 2021
  • Latin
  • Euphoric

The guys from La Regla were here to record their first mix live on the radio . This mix was totally unplanned and after their show i just encouraged them to carry on if they felt like it. Since this was my first ever time going live in the studio and making the broadcast happen it felt like quite an occasion!

Radio Vampiro is a serious digger searching for amazing latin records in central america but i guess he’s really into everything as on the night we even got chatting about electro music ! El Vago knows how to start the party and some of the tracks that he was playing were really exciting !

I hope you enjoy their selection , Wonderful moments to be found in there and a really amazing Saturday night treat for me on the last weekend of my residency !

Tracklist incoming !

radio vampiro.jpg