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Room 4 Resistance #3 with Luz and Kathi

17 January 2017
  • Ambient
  • Deep House
  • Disco
  • EBM
  • Electro
  • Celebratory

For the 3rd episode of Room 4 Resistance, Luz invites Kathi ~ a very special guest from New Orleans.

Kathi has been playing Dance Music in New Orleans since 2008. She hosts the Tapeworm, a weekly radio show on WTUL FM, and is one third of Trax Only ~ a local DJ collective organizing inclusive queer parties showcasing local talents, as well as national and international selectors New Orleans hasn’t been exposed to.

Room 4 Resistance is a berlin-based queer forward collective focused on community-building and creating space & visibility for women artists, gender queers, non-binaries, trans people, black people & people of color in Dance Music. R4R is a family night of queer friends & friendly strangers.