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14 September 2019

Berlin/NYC based DJ and music supervisor Samantha plays an eclectic mix of genres, field recordings, and sounds to create overarching themes based on locations, weather, glass, heat, cold, airlines, trains, transportation, food, fog, animals, water, shopping malls, etc.

Check out an archive of Samantha’s wonderful WFMU show here.


Neil Young- Do You Know How to Use this Weapon?
Laurie Speigel- Appalachian Groove 111
Octo Titus- Gerden
Arthur Russel- Tone Bone Kone
Anthony Valdez- Beat
Arthur Russel- The Deer in the Forest
Talk Talk- Happiness is Easy
My Bloody Valentine- Instrumental Number 2
DJ Rels- Eclipse Part 1 and 2
Eris Drew- Trans Love Vibration
Depeche Mode- Being Boiled -Fast Version
Japan- Life Without Buldings
Monokompatibel- Synthesist 2048
Hercules and Love Affair- Do You Feel the Same
Ponty Mython- Lovin You is a Pleasure
Moody Mann- Shades of Jae
Theo Parrish- I Enjoy Watching You
Ghost Note- Pissed and Passed Out
Harco Pront- Cool
D’Angelo- Feel like Makin Love
Sun Ra- Theme of the Star Gazers
Konono No 1- Paradiso
K15- Caverns
Pink Siffu- stay sane
Jam Money- Magnus

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