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Secret Communications #14 with Ilius

04 May 2020
  • Ambient
  • Avant-Garde
  • Electronic
  • Experimental
  • Minimal
  • Atmospheric
  • Cinematic
  • Delicate
  • Dreamy
  • Flowing

This show is dedicated to the thriving 80’s/90’s synth/post-punk scene of Latvia. It quite surprising that such experiments began to take place behind the iron curtain with all the restrictions present at that time. It seems that some creative individuals managed to shape their own artistic universe deep underground and maintain it for few decades. This episode of Baltic music history is not that well documented and dug-out, but it is really nice to see the emerging interest with excellent reissues by such labels as Stroom, Mélodies Souterraines and Latvia’s own Underbed Storage. The sound here is very diverse ranging from minimalist neoclassical passages and field recordings by Seque, dreamy avant-synth of the legendary NSDR, gritty atmospheric new wave of T.U.M.S.A., bright brilliance of Hardijs Lediņš, melancholic synth arpeggiations of LLL, etc. Most of the artists sing in their native language, which adds up to this music’s charm. And neither of this sounds aged badly, all of them sounds fresh and innovative today. Hopefully, this show will kickstart your interest in the Baltic scene and will be the gateway to further investigations.

I also included some jewels of my native Lithuania’s scene mostly from the legendary Zona Records, who brought post-punk/indie/dream pop to our land back in the 90’s. These are more guitar-based, shedding some light on the mid-to-late 90’s heyday of Lithuanian indie rock and post-punk. However, this is an area worth another full episode, which I will make in the future 🙂



1. Seque - Peace I (Dedicated To Lina, Anna, Marija, Paula) (Seque, 1978)
2. T.U.M.S.A. - Stāsts Par Diogēnu (T.U.M.S.A. Home Rec., 1988)
3. L.L.L. - +++ (Underbed Storage, 2014)
4. T.U.M.S.A. - Zibens (T.U.M.S.A. Home Rec., 1988)
5. Bedre - Emptiness (T.U.M.S.A. Home Rec., 1990)
6. Spogulis - Gaismas Pils (T.U.M.S.A. Home Rec., 1990)
7. Dzeltenie Pastnieki - Apsūdzības Dziesma (Ingus Baušķenieka Ieraksti, 2004)
8. Asociāciju Sektors - Autogēnā Treniņa Kursi (Underbed Storage, 2017)
9. NSRD - Maijas Raps (Approximate Art Agency, 1989)
10. NSRD - Ēģipte (Approximate Art Agency, 1989)
11. Hardijs Lediņš - Kettenrauchers Dream (Seque, 2001)
12. Asociāciju Sektors - Uzbrukums Japānai (Underbed Storage, 2017)
13. Anda & N364 - Demo Skaņdarbi Sekvencerim (Underbed Storage, 2011)
14. Diwi - Bezmiegs (T.U.M.S.A. Home Rec., 1990)
15. V.S.K.B. - Mikrorajoni (Underbed Storage, 2013)
16. SH.. - 5-H (Zona Records, 1996)
17. Sweet Energy - Multi-Tabs (Techno Ambient Mix) (Bomba Records / Zona Records, 1995 / 2014)
18. NSRD - Enokoto (Approximate Art Agency, 1989)
19. Karo Stovis - Aš sudeginau savo namus (Zona Records, 1993)
20. L.L.L. - Nenotikušās Sarunas (Underbed Storage, 2014)
21. Hardijs Lediņš - I'am Swimming In Sea Water (Seque / Alises Ieraksti, 2000)
22. Seque - Peace II (Seque, 1978)