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Secret Communications #17 with Ilius

24 August 2020
  • Post-punk
  • Wave
  • Atmospheric
  • Cinematic
  • Dark
  • Delicate
  • Dreamy

Darkwave, post-punk, coldwave and atmospheric gothic rock have been my long-time sonic passions since late teens. Thus, for this show I collected some gems of these genres by some of my favourite artists. Most of the tracks are really special to me and evoke lots of feelings and vivid memories. Still this music grows together with me and I am starting to hear new undertones and meanings in these tracks as time passes. The list ranges from elegant and cinematic French coldwave to UK’s hazy post punk, from spiritual synthy wave of Emerald Vein to deep, graceful and ethereal melancholy of Projekt Records artists. 

There is also an exclusive The Underground Youth track made specially for For Belarus compilation, which supports victims of repression and police violence in Belarus. All the funds from the release will be donated to Belarus Solidarity Foundation – one of several foundations currently helping Belarus. Please support here: https://forbelarus.bandcamp.com/album/for-belarus.

The start of autumn with its breezy winds and golden evenings is just about the right time to dive into these sounds.



1. Ytpo - Cад (Среда, 2010)
2. Little Nemo - Cadavres Exquis (Howard Song) (Lively Art, 1990)
3. Trisomie 21 - Million Lights (Play It Again Sam Records, 1987)
4. Lowlife - Missing The Kick (Nightshift Records UK, 1989)
5. Diaframma - Impronte (IRA, 1984)
6. This Scarlet Train - Lilyhaze (Nightshift Records UK, 1987)
7. Branches - My Time Is Falling Out (self-released, 2006)
8. Rudi Dadd - The Big Room (Monkey's Paw Records, 1984)
9. Nebraska - It’s a Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood (Quite Unusual Records, 1989)
10. And Also The Trees - From The Silver Frost (Reflex Records, 1988)
11. Clan Of Xymox - No Words (4AD, 1985)
12. Emerald Vein - Existence (Sub Rosa, 1988)
13. The Underground Youth - The Cold Dark Place (For Belarus, 2020)
14. Kino - Следи За Собой (Метадиджитал, 1990)
15. Foje - Niekada (self-released, 1991)
16. Asylum Party - Mother (Lively Art, 1990)
17. The Frozen Autumn - Second Sight (A) (Eibon Records, 2002)
18. The Arms Of Someone New - Carry The Day (Projekt, 1986)
19. Lycia - Wake (Orphanage Records, 1989)
20. Black Tape For a Blue Girl - From The Tightrope (Projekt, 1989)
21. Strange Boutique - Happy Birthday Wanda June (Bedazzled, 1993)