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Secret Communications #22 w/ Ilius – Harold Budd Special

11 January 2021

This show is dedicated to the genius of Harold Budd, who, sadly, passed away in December, 2020. Harold is probably one of my all-time favorite artists, whose music not only introduced me to new ways of listening and feeling the sound, but also taught me to appreciate silence, the space in-between the sounds and the deeply resonating layers of harmonies. His pieces evoke those special moments, when you suddenly get mesmerized by the way an early evening light falls, when the city stops for snow, or when the long shadows stretch across the surfaces in the golden hour. They make you pause for the world around and within you.

May peace be with you forever Harold!


Harold Budd - Sandtreader (Editions EG, 1986)
Harold Budd - The Real Dream Of Sails (Opal Records, 1988)
Harold Budd - Jane 5 (Darla Records, 2013)
Harold Budd - Perfume Doesn’t Dance (Darla Records, 2012)
Harold Budd, John Foxx and Ruben Garcia - Now That I've Forgotten You (Edsel Records, 2011)
Harold Budd, Elizabeth Fraser, Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde - Ooze Out And Away, Onehow (4AD, 1986)
Harold Budd and Robin Guthrie - A Minute, A Day, No More (Darla Records, 2007)
Harold Budd and Brian Eno - The Plateaux Of Mirror (Editions EG, 1980)
Harold Budd - Valse Pour Le Fin Du Temps (Editions EG, 1986)
Harold Budd - Mandan (All Saints, 1996)
Harold Budd, Daniel Lentz and Jessica Karraker - Becoming Visible (Materiali Sonori, 1996)
Harold Budd - The Flowered Room (Atlantic, 2000)
Harold Budd with Zeitgeist - Like Perfume … (New Albion, 1994)
Harold Budd - Two Songs: Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord / Butterfly Sunday (Obscure, 1978)
Harold Budd with Zeitgeist - Angels Alight … (New Albion, 1994)
Harold Budd - Little Heart (Samadhisound, 2004)
Harold Budd and Robin Guthrie - The Belles Of Saint Andrew (Darla Records, 2011)
Harold Budd and John Foxx - After All This Time (Edsel Records, 2003)
Harold Budd and Clive Wright - Sunday After The War (Darla Records, 2009)
Harold Budd, Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois - A Stream With Bright Fish (Editions EG, 1984)

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