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Secret Communications 24 w/ Patricia Kokett and Hìldå

08 March 2021
  • Ambient
  • Bass Music
  • Downtempo
  • Dub
  • Electronic
  • Atmospheric
  • Delicate
  • Dreamy
  • Flowing
  • Funky

Secret Communications 24 welcomes dear friends and cultural mavericks Gediminas Jakubka (aka Patricia Kokett) and Benas Trakimas (aka Hìldå).

Patricia Kokett creates rhythmic-driven alien landscapes, where techno/tribalist beats meet futurist atmospheres and rich sonic layers, where diverse cultures fuse and communicate in an intense sonic dialogue. His album Bizarr is definitely one of the best releases of 2019. Check his stuff here:



Hìldå is an awesome dj and promoter. In his sets encompass rave/trance dynamics as well as the deep layers and immersive atmospheres of sounds of diverse continents ranging from South East Asia to Middle east.


Together they dropped an awesome mix, which overwhelms you like a fresh breeze full of diverse smells, tastes and colors of different cultures and contexts. Hopefully some of these tracks will bring some spring warmth into your ears!

Be sure to check their excellent party series Isla too:




Molero - Manglares (Holuzam, 2020)
Pilar Zeta - Say Hay (Ultramajic, 2018)
Steve Pepe - Danza Moderna (Hivern Discs, 2018)
Yao Su Rong - Face Red, Heart Laugh (Wan Chai Records, 2018)
Uwalmassa / Wahono / Marsesura - Asmoro (Disk / DIVISI62, 2018)
Solyst - Atomium (Bureau B, 2016)
elephant_jams - Revitalise (Noods Radio, 2020)
John T. Gast - Wygdn_bashmenttk9 (Blackest Ever Black, 2017)
LISACHRIS - Ame Feat. Ucary & The Valentine (Oilworks Rec., 2019)
Front De Cadeaux - La Ketamine (Emet Records, 2018)
B.Rupp - Homecoming Dub (Noods Radio, 2020)
Leeway - Muggy (Wain, 2020)
Organizatsiya - Dernière Larme Du Passé (Bamboo Shows, 2019)
Mapstation & Nicholas Addo-Nettey - Novel Motive (TAL, 2020)
dr.Green - Dubas (Nikt Nic Nie Wie, 2002)
Georgia - Wupatki (Firecracker Recordings, 2019)
Duma - Pembe 666 (Nyege Nyege Tapes, 2020)