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Secret Communications #28 w/ Ilius

13 December 2021
  • Ambient
  • Jazz
  • Soundscape
  • Traditional/Religious
  • Atmospheric
  • Ethereal
  • Euphoric
  • Flowing
  • Meditative

Secret Communications 28 collects various forms of spiritual and religious and related music. It covers a wide variety of sounds from different scenes and cultures – from New England Sacred Harp to Hildegard Von Bingen’s ecstatic heights to darkwave interpretations or Alice Coltrane’s devotionals 😊

Hope this selection will bring you peace, introspection and beauty so much needed amongst current turmoils. Immerse into these divine sounds and feel your soul and mind elevated by the ecstatic music of various cultures and periods.



The Trees Community - Bird Song (Hand/Eye, 2006)
Sequentia Performs Hildegard Von Bingen - Instrumentalstück (Deutsche Harmonia Mundi, 1994)
Sequentia Performs Hildegard Von Bingen - Alleluia! O Virga Mediatrix (Deutsche Harmonia Mundi, 1994)
Alice Coltrane - Pranadhana (Impulse! / UMe, 2021)
The Trees Community - Psalm 46 (Pomegranate, 1975)
Pharoah Sanders - Colors (Impulse!, 1969)
Allison's Sacred Harp Singers - Weeping Pilgrim (Gennett / Death Is Not The End, 1928 / 2016)
Rev. Edward W. Clayborn - I Shall Not Be Moved (Vocalion / Death Is Not The End, 1928 / 2015)
Mary Lou Williams - I Have A Dream (Smithsonian Folkways, 2005)
Pastor T. L. Barrett And The Youth For Christ Choir - Blessed Quietness (Mt. Zion Gospel Productions, 1971)
The Mountain Goats - Ezekiel 7 And The Permanent Efficacy Of Grace (4AD, 2009)
Jocelyn Montgomery with David Lynch performs Hildegard Von Bingen - Viridissima (Mammoth Records, 1998)
NOUS With Laraaji And Arji OceAnanda - In This Light (Our Silent Canvas, 2021)
Jocelyn Montgomery with David Lynch performs Hildegard Von Bingen - Clarissima (Mammoth Records, 1998)
Low - If You Were Born Today (Song For Little Baby Jesus) (Wurlitzer Jukebox, 1997)
Unto Ashes - Lord Of The Dance (Projekt, 1999)
Black Tape For A Blue Girl - Chanukkah, Oh Chanukkah (Projekt, 1995)
Alabama Sacred Harp Singers - Rocky Road (Columbia / Death Is Not The End, 1928 / 2016)
John Coltrane And Alice Coltrane - Lord, Help Me To Be (Coltrane Recording Corporation, 1968)
The 4th Movement - Jesus (Please Come) (Tryangle Records, 1980)
Mary Lou Williams - Our Father (Avant Garde Records, 1966)
Sister O.M. Terrell - Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Columbia / Death Is Not The End, 1953 / 2014)
The Mountain Goats - Scaling The Well (Merge Records, 2017)