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Signalling Distance #2: Birgit Ulher

27 May 2019
  • Experimental
  • Improv
  • Interview
  • Atmospheric
  • Delicate
  • Informative
  • Intense
  • Meditative

Signalling Distance is a series of radiophonic performances that aims to explore the connections, disruptions and contingencies between being on stage and on air. Signalling Distance opens up a space for experimentation with the radio medium through live sound practices and, through the differences and similarities of the four instalments, traces the possible coordinates and contours of this experimental space. It seeks to rewire the relationship between concert stage and audience through the matrix of radio waves and through alternative modes of listening.

For the second episode, curator Rubén D’Hers has invited composer, improviser and trumpet player extraordinaire Birgit Ulher.

Birgit Ulher studied the visual arts, which still have an important influence on her music. Since moving to Hamburg in 1982 she has been involved in free improvisation and experimental music. Since then she has developed an individual musical language. She works mainly on extending the sounding possiblities of the trumpet and has developed her own extended techniques and preparations for producing these sounds.

Besides this material research she is especially interested in the relation between sound and silence.

Since 2006 she works with radiosounds – she uses extended speakers, fed with radio noise in her trumpet mutes. The trumpet functions as an acoustic chamber and modulates the radio noise, thus the trumpet is transmitter and receiver at the same time.


This episode, created by Katharina Schmidt, collates music from the performance with a conversation between Birgit and Katharina, as well as interviews conducted with members of the live audience.



All music is by Birgit Ulher

photo by Gunnar Lettow