Weekly Schedule (CET)

Signalling Distance #3: Yann Gourdon

14 June 2019
  • Drone
  • Atmospheric
  • Meditative

Signalling Distance is a series of radiophonic performances that aims to explore the connections, disruptions and contingencies between being on stage and on air. Signalling Distance opens up a space for experimentation with the radio medium through live sound practices and, through the differences and similarities of the four instalments, traces the possible coordinates and contours of this experimental space. It seeks to rewire the relationship between concert stage and audience through the matrix of radio waves and through alternative modes of listening.

The third episode of the series will feature a performance by instrumentalist and minimalist maestro Yann Gourdon.

One third of the drone trio France and part of the La Nòvia collective, Yann Gourdon’s practice focuses on acoustic phenomena and dynamic relationships with the environment. Having learned to play traditional music from Auvergne by listening to field recordings, Gourdon re-orientates tradition via minimalism, honing in on a place or location’s unique vibratory fields, volumes and surfaces.


This reportage is produced by Jessica Ekomane.