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Signals 2 Noise Focus Week #1: Radio Kapitał

15 March 2024
  • Radio Play
  • Intense
  • Informative


"For Roman, war sounds like a hiss. A chorus of hissing beasts, snakes, lizards, birds, beetles, animals, fish. It is the sound of hatred. Along with this chorus sounds the awkward crying of grown men. They can no longer hold back their tears, but this society has not taught them to cry."

A unique radio play about the sounds of war in Ukraine. Their stories were shared by: Mykola, Roman, Nastia, Oksana, Antonina. On this basis, playwright Liuba Ilnytska wrote a story about the soundsphere not only of the front, but also of apartment blocks, the world of animals, the body subjected to oppressive experiences. The voice of our heroines and heroes was provided by Liliia Kryvets. Roza Sarkisian was responsible for directing, while Olesia Onykiienko composed the music and mixed the whole thing. Diana Krawiec/Dobromila Dobro was responsible for the supervision and production of the radio play.

The radio play is financed by the Stabilization Fund for Culture and Education for Ukraine, with funds from the Goethe-Institut, operating under the German Foreign Ministry.

The radio play is entirely in Ukrainian, the Polish version of the text can be found here.

graphic: Aleksandra Oldak