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SIREN Episode 4

11 April 2022
  • Field Recording
  • Interview
  • Non-Music
  • Reportage
  • Dark
  • Informative
  • Urgent

Pride and anger inside of me. Living through war

Graty journalist travels around the scenes in wartime Kyiv. A rocket hit a house in one spot, the result of a night time battle with the enemy’s sabotage group in another. People move around in these places in search of open groceries, talk to each other, sharing their impressions of the night. Some are dragging a suitcase and their kid to the train station, others looking for the nearest territorial defense unit to help protect their home city.

Produced by Anna Kravets

Recordings: Tetyana Kozak

Photo: Stas Yurchenko

Cover: Anna Shcherbyna (idea by Anastasia Vandysheva)