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Something Like #32 – Heartbreak Songs, w/ Bitsy Knox

13 May 2021
  • Arts & Culture
  • Avant-Garde
  • Blues
  • Electronic
  • Experimental
  • Delicate
  • Melancholy
  • Meditative
  • Soulful

I should probably preface this episode by saying that I’m not, myself, currently in a state of heartbreak. But perhaps because this is such an inevitable state, it’s the episode I’ve been asked to make the most often. Almost everyone will experience some kind of brutal breakup in their life, some kind of agonising heartbreak, some kind of lonely heart, some kind of crushing love sickness. At that time, it may seem like the most crushing, most distracting, most viscerally painful experience you’ve ever gone through. Luckily, there are more breakup and heartbreak poems and songs out there to get you through this time than there are hours of staring at your ceiling pouring over the minutiae of your last conversation with your ex. Take care, you lonely hearts, it doesn’t last forever.

  • As always, Something Like’s intro jingle comes courtesy of Roger 3000
  • The music behind my voice this week is Pauline Oliveros’ The Beauty of Sorrow, from Tara’s Room, 2019
  • You can learn more about Alex Turgeon’s art and writing here: http://alexturgeon.com/ and pick up Love Poems for Ceres at Broken Dimanche Press.

Something Like #32: Heartbreak Songs graphic.jpeg


Connie Converse, Talkin Like You (Two Tall Mountains), How Sad, How Lovely, 2015
Alex Turgeon (read by Bitsy), Even Cowboys Get the Blues, Love Poems for Ceres, 2017
The Shangri-La’s, Past, Present, Future, 1966
Nona Hendryx, Tears, Skindiver, 1989
Panxing, How, Slowmusic, 2021
Annie Lennox, Primitive, Diva, 1992
Susan Stone/Melody Sumner Carnahan, Ruby’s Story, The Time is Now, 1997
Etta James, I’d Rather Be Blind (Live at Montreux), 1975
Kath Bloom & Loren Mazzacane, My Stupid Little Heart, Sand in My Shoe, 1983
Woo, Sad Hearts, A La Luna, 1991
Tracey Thorn, Too Happy, A Distant Shore, 1982
OCA, I Believe in You, Aging, 2019
Kate Bush, Ne T’enfuis Pas, The Single File, 1983
Anne Carson, Chapter XIII: Water (read by Bitsy), Autobiography of Red, 1998
Marzieh, مرضیه - مجنون (Majnoon), The Best of Marzieh, 2001
George Michael, Jesus to a Child, Older 1996
Lewis, Fallin Down, Hawaiian Breeze, 2015
Charmaine Lee, U Tried, A Stone Widens It, 2020
Everything Play, ロミオとジュリエット (Romeo & Juliet), Everything Play, 1992
Audre Lorde, Movement Song (ready by Bitsy), From a Land Where Other People Live, 1973
Mao & Friends, It’s Too Late, Call on Me, 1972
Pulp, There’s No Emotion, Freaks, 1987
Little Ann, Deep Shadows, Deep Shadows, 2009 (originally 1967)
Candi Staton, You Don’t Love Me No More, 1972
Diamanda Galás, I’m Going to Live the Life, Malediction & Prayer, 2018
Mary Ann Daly, New Life, Heart, 1975