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Something Like #33 – A Sixth Sense, An Electric Touch w/ Bitsy Knox feat. Ellie Epp

10 June 2021
  • Ambient
  • Arts & Culture
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  • Ethereal
  • Confused
  • Informative
  • Meditative
  • Mystical

I’ve been haunted by a faint hum, an electric touch, and would like talk about the Sixth Sense. In medical terms, the Sixth Sense could be Proprioception, the ability for our bodies to locate themselves in space. It is an intuition, an innate knowledge. It’s deeply rooted in our sense of right or wrong. 

We’ll turn to the British Columbia artist, filmmaker, and poet Ellie Epp, whose 1996 film Bright & Dark will be our guiding light as we work through notions of feeling, improvisation, chance, and preparation. We’ll also turn to Fred Moten, and his writing on Cecil Taylor’s Chinampas, and to Divided Publishing’ new publication, Stage of Recovery by the artist and activist Georgia Sagri.

  • As always, thanks to Roger 3000 for providing Something Like’s jingle
  • The music behind my voice today is Monsieur de Saint Colombe’s Works for 2 Bass Viols, by Voix Humaines
  • You can read about Ellie Epp’s work on her website and in this PDF of Mike Hoolboom’s book on her work. Thank you to Ellie for your generous spirit and for sharing your work with us, and thank you to Adrienne Herr for the universal synchronicity of her attentions by bringing Ellie to us!
  • You can find Fred Moten’s Sound in Florescence: Cecil Taylor’s Floating Garden (first published in Sound States, edited by Adalaide Morris, University of North Carolina Press, 1997) here on Ubuweb.
  • Pick up Georgia Sagri’s Stage of Recovery here.
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