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Something Like #50: Folding Time, w/ Bitsy Knox

14 December 2022
  • Ambient
  • Avant-Garde
  • Experimental
  • Free Jazz
  • Celebratory
  • Delicate
  • Dreamy

Here we are at the end of another year, predictably in its vortex.

How is time marked? Could we mark time by folding time—a repetitive act, of traversing the same road, always in pursuit of observing new details? Perhaps, like the three-headed Chimera, to fold time is to swing one's heads to face each other, greeting the past as we turn from the future, kissing the future as we're spooned by the past.

This is Something Like's 50th episode, and surely that's something of a milestone, a jubilee, right? Halfway to a hundred, the paper folded, still small, not yet open. More space to write.

  1. As always, thank you to Julien Meert (Roger 3000) for providing Something Like with its jingles.
  2. This will be the last episode of the year, so I wanted to say Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and everything else!
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Nancy Mounir (with Naima El Masreya), Taala Ya Shater, Nozhet El Nofous

Side D, Peter Brötzmann/Milford Graves/William Parker, Historic Music Past Tense Future, 2022

Itoh Masyitoh & Rineka Swara - Malati Dina Imutna, Noan Mangina, 1980

Aylu, Lilla, Profondo Rosa, 2022

James Newton, Arkansas Suite, Flute Music, 1977

Tutorial, Mikrokosmos, Another Time, This Time, One Time, 2019

Tapiwa Svosve, Side A, A lung in a horn in a horn, 2022

Sun Ra and his Arkestra, The Moors (Moorish Nights), June Tyson: Saturnian Queen of the Sun Ra Arkestra, 2019

Duval Timothy (feat. Yu Su), Wood, Meeting with a Judas Tree, 2022

I-sef u-sef, consistency, consistency, 2022

Holy 21st Century - Anne Waldman & Brendan Haskins, Going Vocal, 2018

Alice Coltrane, Going Home, Lord of Lords, 1972

Miriam Makeba & Dollar Brand Quartet - Ityala Madoda (Live at Berliner Philharmonic 11.03.1978), 2018

Ishmael Reed, Anniversary Song for Carla, Hands of Grace 2022

Helen Thorington - Blauvelt Mountain, 2003