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Something Like #52: Bbeettweenneess w/ Bitsy Knox

08 February 2023
  • Ambient
  • Avant-Garde
  • Experimental
  • Free Jazz
  • Spoken Word
  • Atmospheric
  • Cinematic
  • Delicate

The space between bodies, the space between two notes, the space between a question and an answer. This is a proto-Valentine's Day show, dedicated to getting closer.

  1. As always, thanks to Roger 3000 for providing Something Like's jingle!
Something Like #52


Mika Kaneko (金子美香) - 今宵かぎりの Cheek to Cheek, Catch Me, 1987
Liu Xing (刘星) Between The Earth And The Sky, To Do Nothing, 1992
Patrick Shiroishi The Long Bright Dark, Hidemi, 2021
Anthony Moore, A.B.C.D. Gol’fish, Pieces From The Cloudland Ballroom, 1971
Michele Musser, Proteus and the Marlin, Eye Chant, 1986
Jacqueline Humbert - Attunement, Chanteuse (Songs of a Different Sort), 2004
Terry Riley, Happy Ending, 1972
Tuxedomoon & Cult With No Name - The Slow Club, Blue Velvet Revisited, 2015
Marta Forsberg - Light Colours In Jyderup, Light Colours In Jyderup, 2021
Sarah Webster Fabio, If We Come As Soft As Rain, Jujus / Alchemy Of The Blues, 1976
Surya Botofasina - Sun Of Keshava, Everyone’s Children, 2022
Marina Herlop - abans abans, Pripyat, 2022
Anne Guthrie - Branching Low and Spreading, Codiaeum Variegatum, 2014
Chloe Alexandra Thompson - An Exchange, They Can Never Burn the Stars, 2022
Cosey Fanni Tutti - The Secret Touch, Time to Tell, 1983
Joanna Bruck - The Space Between, The Space Between, 1981.
Monette Sudler Quartet/Quintet- A Love Song, Time for a Change, 1977