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Something Like #57 – The Present Uncertainty w/ Bitsy Knox

13 September 2023
  • Ambient
  • Experimental
  • Free Jazz
  • Spoken Word
  • Atmospheric
  • Ethereal
  • Informative

A chant of impermanence.

Always already unfolding.

Join me for two hours of music and poetry dedicated to something like nowness, something like the Fourth Moment (Trungpa Rinpoche), something like the fourth dimension of the now instant (Lispector), something like the event out of time (Di Prima).

  1. Thank you forever to my dear friend Roger 3000 for SL’s jingle, and to my pals at Cashmere Radio and 96.5 CHFR Hornby Island Radio.
Something Like #57.jpg


JJ Cale, Hey Baby, Troubadour, 1976

Nona Hendryx, Interior Voices, Skin Diver, 1989

June 11 (Jan Van den Broeke), The Luckiest Man, 11000 Dreams, 2017 (Stroom)

Robert Ashley, Tap Dancing in the Sand, Tap Dancing in the Sand, 2007

Gunnar Gunnsteinsson, Is There Anybody Out There, A Janitor’s Manifesto, 2023 (Futura Resistenza)

Rexy, Running out of Time, Running out of time, 1981

Nico, Afraid, Desertshore, 1970

Ulla, Something Inside My Body, Limitless Frame, 2021

Anne Waldman, Ancestors Step Forward With Your Activist Terror, Cry of the Heart (JKS Summer Writing Program 2023), 2023

Amaro Freitas, Ayeye, Sankofa, 2021

コージュン Kojun, A Trip to the Bamboo Forest, 水​中​庭​園 (The Water Garden), 1993 (reissued 2023) (EM records)

The Ensemble Al Salaam, Optimystical, The Sojourner, 1974 (reissued in 2021, originally on Strata-East)

Miaux, 2h44, Katharina AW: the Pels organ and Hemony carillon of Hoogstraten, 2023

Linda Sharrock, Roala, Alone, 2000

Audrey Carmes, Micro Macro, Quelque chose s'est dissipé, 2023 (Metréon Records)

Stones, Lucie Vítková, Cave Acoustics, 2023 (Skupina)

Maxine Funke, Oblivion, River Said, 2023

Nick Malkin, Long Distance Phone Call, At The Libra Hotel, 2023

日向敏文 Toshifumi Hinata, When Summer Is Gone,* – 陽のあたる場所 Izakaya Story, 1994