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Something Like #58 – The Pendulum Swings, w/ Bitsy Knox

11 October 2023
  • Avant-Garde
  • Experimental
  • Spoken Word
  • Atmospheric

The pendulum swings, widely at first, until finding its centre. The pendulum, a motion of chaos, an oscillation between worlds and people.

Something Like #58.jpg


The Weather (english language training video)
Oakland Elementary School Arkestra, Indecisive Weather, Big Music Little Musicians, 1994
Joren Hammudoglu, Lorenz System Attractor Music, 2018
Oscillation Circuit, Homme, Série Réflexion 1, 1984 (Sound Process)
Helen Ripley-Marshall, Green Chaos, Green Chaos, 1988 (Freefall)
Phương Dung - Đố ai, Băng Nhạc Sơn Ca 5 (Tiếng Hát Phương Dung),
Don Voegeli - Echoing Bells, Four Notes in Search of a Tune, 1973 (University of Wisconsin)
Tom Hayes, I’m Strange, Simon Sez - A Rock Opera, 1971 (Silver Crest Custom)
Haïti 2000, Métamorphoses Et Psychodrames Sur Le Theme De Complainte Paysanne, Tèt San Kò - La Nouvelle Musique Haitienne, 1980
Sarah Feldman, E/A, Grids EP, 2023
Sonic Youth, Pendulum Music, Goodbye 20th Century, 1999
Les Cértitudes, Part V (extract) Construire sur les ruines d'un passé encore fumant, 2023
Peter Mummé, Veronica Takes a Bath, Veronica Takes a Bath, 1986 (Phon’m)
György Ligeti, Poème Symphonique for 100 Metronomes performed by Frangoise Terrioux, 1962 (performed here in 1997)
Joan Brooks, The Letter, The Long and Winding Road, 1970
Suzanne Ciani Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Closed Circuit, Synergy 2016
Ellen Zweig, Network of Letters, Fiction of the Physical, 2023
Salenta + Topu, Woman Reading a Letter, Moon Set, Moon Rise, 2023
David Darling & The Wulu Banan, Pasibutbut, Mudanin Kata, 2004
Wandjuk Marika ‎ Wandjuk Marika In Port Moresby - Didjeridu Solo, 1977
Riad Awwad, Hanan Awwad and Mahmoud Darwish, When We Meet Again, The Intifada 1987, 2021