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Sound Portraits Radio #10 Autechre w/ Doron Sadja

12 June 2018
  • IDM
  • Avant-Garde
  • Electronic
  • Mystical

Few artists hold a place in the hearts of today’s producers like Autechre. The British duo was among the first wave of artists associated with Warp Records and have built a reputation by challenging the perceived possibilities of machine-made music. Their first experimental and emotional recordings seemed entirely new, as if beamed in straight from a newly-discovered corner of the universe where architecture is constructed of sound and colonies of machines have learned to feel. Today, Autechre’s members Rob Brown and Sean Booth are IDM demigods. Decades after their first release, they are still pursuing their own vision of avant garde electronica: cold, clanging, cerebral, merciless, and entrancing.

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Sound Portraits #10 Autechre w/ Doron Sadja