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Sound Portraits Radio #11 Martin Kohlstedt w/ VVeber

04 September 2018
  • Electronic
  • Flowing

Martin Kohlstedt is a German composer, pianist and record producer with a contemporary approach of mixing classical and avantgarde music styles. Kohlstedt has released two corresponding solo piano albums: ‘Tag’ & ‘Nacht’. In 2017, he released his third record ‘Strom’ which also features electronic instrumentation. In a live setting Kohlstedt mostly uses grand and upright pianos in combination with a Fender Rhodes and several synthesizers. The Daily Telegraph said in review of his London live debut that “the music’s repetitive patterns and modal harmonies sometimes reminded one of other music often described as hypnotic, from Ryuichi Sakamoto to Einaudi. What sets Kohlstedt apart is the undercurrent of anxiety, and the occasional moments of grandeur”.

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