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Sound Portraits Radio #2: Matmos with Doreen Ooi

02 October 2017
  • Electronic
  • Experimental
  • Modern Classical
  • Soundscape
  • Talk Show
  • Atmospheric

Guest presenter (Doreen) Ooi will be focusing in on the electronic duo, MATMOS.

Baltimore based Drew Daniel and M.C Martin Schmidt have been making music together since 1995 and have collaborated with artists such as Björk, Marina Abramovic and Robert Ashley. Their compositional techniques may be initially derived from musique concrète, however their sonic world encompasses the styles of techno, glitch, experimental, idm and post industrial.

Their use of intricate sampling and field recordings, in combination with their strictly conceptualized albums brings us to believe, like many great contemporary composers, that music doesn’t only have to be a vehicle for expressing emotions, but also a gateway to exploring a universe.


Sound Portraits Radio is an extension of the popular Berlin based lecture/listening series, curated by Doron Sadja, that focuses on the work of iconic composers who have paved the way for contemporary electronic music. After an introduction of each artist’s life and work, we listen to a selection of excerpts and complete works from the artist’s repertoire. As Sound Portraits Radio evolves, we will be including a wider range of artists and styles, interviews with artists, on air performances, and more.


Sound Portraits Radio #2: Matmos