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Sound Portraits Radio #26 Octo Octa w/ Arian Bozorg

18 February 2020
  • Experimental
  • Euphoric

Octo Octa also known as Maya Bouldry-Morrison, is a producer and DJ who also co-runs the label T4T LUV NRG. Her music is layered and poetic and really fun, each album taking you on this intimate journey, and getting you on the dancefloor.

Self-taught, and growing up listening to the UK sound, of drum and bass, and jungle, her first release in 2011 was a culmination of 11 years of trial and error learning.

Slowly moving away from the 12” single, Maya’s music took on a more autobiographical direction on her albums, giving us an intimate insight into her life. Through her sampling, track names, music and cover art of her three albums, you follow her as she navigates through her relationships, identity and coming out as a queer trans person.

This episode was broadcast live on Cashmere Radio and is hosted by Arian Bozorg.

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