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Sound Portraits Radio #29 Mika Vainio w/ Doron Sadja

12 May 2020
  • Minimal
  • Intense

Mika Vainio was the co-founder of Finnish techno duo Pan Sonic, whose innovative brand of blistering rhythmic noise and uncompromising minimalism transformed them into one of the most popular exports from the Northern European techno underground. Unlike Pan Sonic’s harder, comparatively more dancefloor-oriented gear, however, Vainio’s solo work tended more toward the ambient and experimental, wedding sparse machine noises with shifting rhythms, sonic textures, and assorted channel separation weirdness. Through his career, Vainio collaborated with the likes of Charlemagne Palestine, Fennesz, Merbow, Suicide’s Alan Vega, Autechre’s Sean Booth, and Keiji Haino. Mika Vainio passed away just a few weeks ago at the age of 53. Join us in a celebration of his life and work. 



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