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spartito #8 w/Christoph Berg

5 February 2019

A small selection of contemporary chamber music with a focus on solo, duo and trio performances, only at times a larger chamber orchestra. Please note that this episode is presented by one half of Pattern Dissection. Thus, it may contain dissonances every now and again.


01 Satoko Maeda: Sagi Musume
02 Michał Jacaszek: Pentral II
03 Marcus Fjellström: Oil
04 Adriana Hölszky: Hörfenster für Franz Liszt
05 Toru Takemitsu: Towards the Sea
06 Gavin Bryars: The Old Tower of Löbenicht
07 Olivier Messiaen: Oraison
08 Ryuichi Sakamoto: The Revenant Main Theme Atmospheric

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