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Stadtgeschehen #49 Hošek Contemporary

06 March 2024
  • Experimental
  • Jazz
  • Interview
  • Atmospheric
  • Informative

Linda Toivio and Petr Hošek join us at the studio to celebrate the opening of the new season at Hosek Contemporary, an art gallery and performance space located on a boat, on the Fischerinsel in Berlin-Mitte.

Hošek Contemporary's 2024 programme: https://www.hosekcontemporary.com/

Interview Cashmere x Hosek


1. Recording from July 6, 2022 at Hošek Contemporary with Zé Lencastre (alto saxophone), Guilherme Rodrigues (cello), Henrik Nørstebø (trombone)
2. Fanny Sorgo with Aisling Marnane and Paula Milanowski performing "Translations of Whale Songs" in 2020 at Hošek Contemporary
3. Excerpt from "Der Geist im Wasser" by Ute Wassermann and Sabine Vogel