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Sunrise Serenade with x0eoeor8c827r82

01 July 2024
  • Ambient
  • Electronic
  • Experimental
  • IDM
  • Reading
  • Ethereal

Sunrise Serenade aims to capture the more or less slow transition between the unconscious and the conscious that we all go through when we wake up. It’s a dissection of the morning psyche, a musical travel and an esoteric hug.

x0eoeor8c827r82 is a visual artist, a graphic designer, a music enthusiast and also my roommate. We both know best how our respective minds work in the morning and we wanted to create a new experience in the studio. x0eoeor8c827r82 has also an amazing record collection and it was the perfect opportunity to listen to some of her gems. In this episode we also talk about premonitions for the weeks and how to cope with the unpredictable and the uncomfortable, how to keep your creative spirit alive and strange dreams from the night before.



Love Spirals Downwards - Sunset Bell (Flux Mix)
Merely - Tangerine skies (cotton mouth mix)
Actress x London Contemporary Orchestra - Hubble
Huerco S - Plucked from the Ground, Towards the Sun
Voice Actor, Yarrow.co - Slush 77
Keren Ann - La corde et les chaussons
Cooly G - Love Dub - Refix
Klaus Nomi - Nomi Song
⁠Vladimir Cosma - Tendre Sam
Chickenmilk dot com - Homeland Pirate Radio
Caterina Barbieri - Fantas for Electric Guitar
Arthur Russel - You Did It Yourself
Nicolas Jaar - Telahumo
Sexy Sushi - La fille à la tête de Dinde
oqbqbo ft Scandinavian Star - Wakening
Danny L Harle, Morrie - Me4U
Against All Logic - Such a Bad Way
SebastiAn - Embody DJ Premier 95 Break Remix, slowed down
990x - Ārrpa thizz
15 15 - VEGA
Uffie - Pop the Glock
mega hostile - sad girlz ha (amaarae/kali uchis x dj angel x)
Susumu Yokota - Could Heaven Ever Be Like This (Original, Malawi Rocks Mix)
Level 42 - Starchild