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Svietas 06 // Site Specific Sound Art: Listening to a Hidden Canal in Salford

09 June 2024
  • Ambient
  • Experimental
  • Field Recording
  • Atmospheric
  • Cinematic
  • Hypnotic
  • Informative
  • Meditative

In this episode, we take a look at a recent project in Salford that created soundscape compositions specifically for a hidden canal in the city. In some areas, the canal still exists, can be seen, heard, touched, swum on, fallen into and otherwise interacted with. But in some other areas, the canal is hidden deep under the concrete, we cannot see or feel it and we only know of its existence through old maps and stories.

The sound artworks were created as one of the components of the festival's artistic program and were exhibited through a soundwalk called "Hidden canal", which was the result of an international artistic residency process.

Each work is dedicated to a specific location near the hidden canal. Works were created by pairs of artists. Each pair consisted of one artist from the UK and one artist from a European Union country: artists from the Netherlands, Croatia, Lithuania and Portugal were also involved. Each pair was given two locations during the project: The project took place in Salford, UK, as an artistic residency, culminating in the Canalside neighbourhood outdoor art fest called "Middlewoodlocks Festival" in Salford. It was full of boats, music, art workshops, a makers’ market, heritage activities, contemporary performances, water-based activities, live entertainment and local street food vendors.

As part of the festival, the Hidden Canals project has brought together five artists from Greater Manchester and five from Europe to create a unique Sound Walk along the old canal route, from Middlewood Locks to near Agecroft Cemetery. The project started with an international residency at Cobden Works, coordinated by Ben Turner from Walk the Plank. And was part of the creative platform Creative Embassies.

The Sound Walk "Hidden Canal" is designed to take listeners on an auditory journey, blending local history with contemporary art.

In today's show, we'll listen to a few tracks from the soundscape walk along the canal and some interviews with the creators. You will hear voices and pieces of Anne Louise Kershaw , Selma Ebbens, Mauro Amaral , Fionualla Dorothy, David McFarlane , Ugne Makselyte and an extra surprise recording from an authentic vingate Spey boat and two of Its' owners Tom Kitching (also one of the soundwalk creators) and Alex Marciniak. But first of all you will hear an interview with one of the main coordinators of the project, Ben Turner, curator and producer from Walk The Plank in Salford.



Veins Blood To The Root (Anne Louise Kershaw, Selma Ebbens)

Cold in The Hand (Anne Louise Kershaw, Selma Ebbens)

Astraeus (Fionnuala Dorrothy, Mauro Amaral)

As Above (David McFarlane, Ugne Makselyte)

So Below (David McFarlane, Ugne Makselyte)