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Technology & Death: Jérémie Zimmermann In Conversation with Nicolas Hausdorf

03 August 2016
  • Experimental
  • Talk Show
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  • Dark
  • Intense
  • Strange

The History of the Terminator (in our Pockets)

Remember the Terminator films? But, what if the drastic scenario of a mean looking killer-machine- induced nuclear apocalypse blinded us to the real threat of artificial intelligence? Jérémie Zimmermann says we already live in a dystopian future and the machines are coming for us. Only instead of brutally killing us, they’re sucking the life out of our bodies little by little.  And even worse, they’re cute adorable round cornered devices! We need heroic courage (and time travel?) to get out of this mess!

Jérémie Zimmermann is a digital activist and co-founder of La Quadrature du Net. His conversations with Julian Assange, Jacob Appelbaum and Andy Müller-Maguhn have been transcribed into the book “Cyperpunks”.

The Technology and Death tea talks are organised by Bianca Lyla Clifford and Nicolas Hausdorf. Their blog, technologyanddeath.blogspot.com, is an impressionist thanatology in cooky conspiracy style featuring David Graeber, Jacques Ellul and a select mix of pop and high culture.

Tea performance: Thirsty Moon and Bianca Lyla

Live sound performance (at 65 minutes) by Marie Dior