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The Art Of Work Art as labouring and art as scintillation _#6 w/ Anna Kravets

08 March 2020
  • Radiophonic
  • Interview
  • Delicate
  • Informative

Spending some time in Prague, #transit.cz inspired me to talk with Jirka, a professional artist, just when his exhibition about spending time in relation to data on PCs was on. We talked about lots of things, desindustrialization of labor, synchronicity of humans and machines, free time, self-education.

Then I thought something was slightly missing (!), when Valia, Kyiv-based artist, whose art is necessarily a hobby, made a perfect match for this episode. She helped me unveil the invisible zone between leisure and the work of women, the gender-biased aspects in artistic work.

Briefly enough, is art still at the core of the twisted ideological relationship between work and freedom? Sharing some thoughts and hoping for feedback.

Music intervention from 2010 by Lesha Maket

First aired at RUI on 12.12.17

Voice over: Vira Maliy

Studio producer: Ludmyla Sudakova

Other sounds: For The Righteous Babe Working At The Ice Cream Stand by Glass Boy

Photo by Bartosz Górka