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The Art Of Work “It looks like the happiest place on Earth”

23 March 2020
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«Caesium is an element that was released during the Chornobyl nuclear disaster. Caesium is much like Potassium that is used by any biological organism: in the brain and all over the body, it’s used to control what cells do and how they function. And Caesium can be used instead of Potassium, which is a problem.»

This episode’s about sickness, disease and microbiology in Chornobyl with Chris Robinson:

Live to work or work to live? 

the mechanics of research in microbiology: US VS Ukraine;

people-watching and the fun of riding the metro;

the sad people of Ukraine.

First aired at RUI 16.1.18 (website: nrcu.gov.ua)

Studio producer: Ludmyla Sudakova

Photo: Caesium Reacting With Water by Science Photo Library (uploaded 1.8.16)

Sounds: basic (router) by Alexey Maket

For The Righteous Babe Working At The Ice Cream Stand (Sunrise On My Shoulders) by Glass Boy