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The Art Of Work “It looks like the happiest place on Earth”

23 March 2020

«Caesium is an element that was released during the Chornobyl nuclear disaster. Caesium is much like Potassium that is used by any biological organism: in the brain and all over the body, it’s used to control what cells do and how they function. And Caesium can be used instead of Potassium, which is a problem.»

This episode’s about sickness, disease and microbiology in Chornobyl with Chris Robinson:

Live to work or work to live? 

the mechanics of research in microbiology: US VS Ukraine;

people-watching and the fun of riding the metro;

the sad people of Ukraine.

First aired at RUI 16.1.18 (website:

Studio producer: Ludmyla Sudakova

Photo: Caesium Reacting With Water by Science Photo Library (uploaded 1.8.16)

Sounds: basic (router) by Alexey Maket

For The Righteous Babe Working At The Ice Cream Stand (Sunrise On My Shoulders) by Glass Boy

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