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The Ear Has To Travel #28: Revisiting the Soundscape

06 January 2020
  • Soundscape
  • Field Recording
  • Experimental
  • Ambient
  • Electronic
  • Atmospheric
  • Cinematic
  • Meditative

Artist Info

Joshua Sadinsky: https://joshuasadinsky.bandcamp.com

Scant Intone is the solo project of Canadian artist Constantine Katsiris dedicated to experiments in modern audio. The output varies from stark minimalist tones to densely complex textures with a sound palette that incorporates elements of field recordings, radio frequencies, hand-drawn waveforms, raw data, and digital sound synthesis. Focused on researching psychoacoustics, the perception of sound, spatiality, waveform anomalies, and various audio phenomena discovered while exploring the frequency spectrum, his compositions are excursions in abstract electronic music with influences including ambient, lowercase, microsound, noise, glitch, and drone.

Constantine has been active in exploring the electronic arts since the mid-1990s as an artist, curator, designer, and producer. Over a period of more than twenty years he has been integral in organizing countless events for experimental, improvised, and electronic music both locally and abroad. These events have featured performances by artists from across Canada as well as international artists from all over the globe. This experience has lead him to be involved with programming showcases for world-renowned festivals and booking tours for artists on Panospria, his own sub-label of No Type Records based in Montréal.

Live performances have been numerous over the past years, including many collaborations and improvisations with like-minded audio and video artists. Katsiris has brought his sound to many notable venues, such as Whitechapel Art Gallery [London], La Société des Arts Technologiques [Montréal], Brut Konzerthaus [Vienna], and SESI Art & Cultural Center [São Paulo]. Scant Intone has also shared the stage with Fennesz, Merzbow, Okkyung Lee, Sawako, Crys Cole, Tim Hecker, and Zbigniew Karkowski, to name a few.


Eduardo Abrantes (b. 1979, in Lisbon, Portugal) is a sound artist and artistic researcher working at the intersections of sound, philosophy, performed creativity and existential awareness in embodied everyday consciousness. He is currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Ana Rita Correia is a stop-motion artist living in Moita, near Lisboa, and i like to create stories from the sounds that gather around me, creating new narratives from a sound imagination, stirring feelings such as fear, surprise and irony.


Manja Ristić (1979) born in Belgrade. Violinist, sound artists, curator and researcher mostly active in the field of electro-acoustics, instrumental improvisation & experimental sound related arts. Graduated at the Belgrade Music Academy, then gained PGDip at the Royal College of Music, London. Her work is blending exploration of synesthesia, intuitive composition and sound ecology.


Herbert’s Archive

An introspective collage of obscure sounds performed by Asian small-clawed otters, corncrakes and other fauna, interwoven with gurgling waterpipes, sizzling streams and underwater percussion.

Abby Lee Tee

beside numerous collaborations and band projects austrian dj and producer abby lee tee is releasing his ever–evolving solo material since 2009, combining various influences from instrumental hip hop to electronica or more experimental kind of music nowadays, always trying to follow his playful narrational instinct and cultivating his passion for field recordings and odd instruments.


HYENAZ – Clastic

It is in mountains that the deep history of the world reveals itself, and it is in the play of sediments that the consciousness of minerals reveals itself. This consciousness mirrors in some ways the parasympathetic nervous system of human life, with its long neural pathways and preference for homeostasis: we are closer to rocks than we realise.

At this time, patterns of migration once again are compelling Europe to face once again the deadly paranoid mechanisms of othering by which it constructs its sense of self. The slow dance of rocks across generations is an encounter of entities that resists being subsumed by the hyperventilation of fear produced by a crisis mindset.

The sounds of Clastic emerged from a workshop HYENAZ led in the Dolomite mountains. Their movements respond to the deep temporality of this landscape and the singular existence of the individual stones, branches and other objects that make their home there.

Berlin-based sound and movement artists Kathryn Fischer and Adrienne Teicher make up the core of HYENAZ, though they are often joined on stage by a team of dancers and performance artists.


Instagram/Facebook: @hyenazhyenaz

Kg Augenstern works in the field of audiokinetic installation, performance and video.


More on the Tentacles project from which Tunnelscratch is taken: https://www.kg-augenstern.com/en/the-tentacles-project/



Joshua Sadinsky – Soundscape Sketches from New York State Forest: Snow Falling on a Frozen Field
Constantine Katsiris – Car Wash Saskatoon
Eduardo Abrantes – lúður þrjóturinn
Ana Rita Correia – Sonho Non Alentejo
Constantine Katsiris – Night Vespers Skopje
Manja Ristić – Miniature For A Log Stranded On The Beach, Abandoned Quarry & Mobile Communications Transmitter
Abby Lee Tee – Herbert’s Archive: Repository I
Abby Lee Tee – Herbert’s Archive: Repository II
Hyenaz – Clastic: Wet
Hyenaz – Clastic: Donkey
Hyenaz – Clastic: Dry
Manja Ristić –Elephants & Gargoyles
Kg Augenstern – Tunnelscratch
Ana Rita Correia – Burung
Constantine Katsiris – Lago Mamori Amazonas
Manja Ristić – Bells for the Dead Nature
Joshua Sadinsky – Soundscape Sketches from New York State Forest: Snow Falling on the Trail in Kennedy State Forest