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The Ear Has To Travel #34 w/ Marco Alessi from Naviar Records

7 December 2020

Naviar Records presents a 90 minute show of music made in response to its weekly challenge Naviar Haiku, which invites artists to make music in response to an assigned haiku, a traditional Japanese short poem. Curated by Naviar’s founder Marco Sebastiano Alessi.

Participation in the Naviar Haiku challenge is free and open to everyone: if you want to find out more, visit


Intro: Tunnelwater - naviarhaiku358 I close my eyes


“urban chorus / harmonious tones / uncomposed” , by Darren Bourne

Thoribass – Urban Harmony
Audio Obscura – Urban Chorus
Cryxuss – Urban Madness
Agnostura Elwar – urbaN choruS
Boson Spin – Urban Chorus, Harmonious Tones
Stull – Driving Through Delirium


“night club / the thin red line / of a false smile”, by Ian Turner

Oxebe – Naviarhaiku 344 night club
earthborn visions – nightclub
Tunnelwater – naviarhaiku344 night club
ChalkWalk Naviar – Thin Night Smile
halF unusuaL – halF nightcluB
Ed Mundio – UnderwaterDisco
surrealdonut2020 – August 6th


“rumbling in the mist / a whale soars towards the light – / stories from below”, by Mark Morris

OneAmbient4 – A Whale Soars Towards The Light – Rumbling (Naviarhaiku 326)
Cryxuss – from below (naviarhaiku326)
synoneiro – Rumbling in the Mist (naviarhaiku326)
halF unusuaL – halF storieS [naviarhaiku326]
Night Note – rumbling in the mist ( Naviarhaiku 326 )
Robert Knote – a whale soars (naviarhaiku326)

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