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The Ear Has To Travel #35: Daniel Johnston Special

22 January 2021
  • Indie
  • Celebratory
  • Dreamy
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  • Melancholy
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129600° Daniel Johnston – 60th Birthday @ Cashmere Radio

As part of the show The Ear Has To Travel hosted by KitKat, musician Marco Brosolo and special guests celebrate the music and art of outsider musician Daniel Johnston, who would have turned 60 this year on January 22.

Brosolo and author/curator Annette Maechtel will explore the allround (360°x360°=129600°) genius of Johnston as a musician, songwriter, poet and visual artist.

The radio show is the kickoff of further activities (exhibition, concert, screening) later in the year as the public health situation allows.

Featuring music by Daniel Johnston and exclusive covers in various languages by:

Klaus Beyer (German)

SHOXXX (Japanese)

Marco Brosolo (Italian & English)

Alvise Bittente (Klingon)

Alvise Nodale (Friulian)

Paranoia Godard (Italian)

Chikiss (Belarusian)

In cooperation with Soundwatch Music Film Festival Berlin

Co-presented by Natalie Gravenor.



Daniel Johnston – Story Of An Artist

Daniel Johnston – Deviltown

Daniel Johnston – Life In Vain

Daniel Johnston – Wishing You Well

Klaus Beyer, Frank Behnke, Marco Brosolo – Enten

Daniel Johnston – Space Ducks

Daniel Johnston  & Jad Fair – I Met Roky Erikson

Daniel Johnston – Poor You

Daniel Johnston  & Jad Fair – Casper The Friendly Ghost

Daniel Johnston & Jad Fair – Happy Talk

Daniel Johnston – True Love Will Find You In The End

Klaus Beyer & Herman Herrmann – Du findest Liebe endlich doch

Vermooste Vløten – True Love Will Find You In The End

Daniel Johnston – I Saw Her Standing There

Daniel Johnston – A Day In The Life

Daniel Johnston – Love Is Like A Toy

Daniel Johnston – Live And Let Die

Paranoia Godard – Vivere Invano

SHOXX – と歩いてる (Ushi to aruiteru)

A-Bittente – OH Durgh Le VIraknIl GhomchoH

Alvise Nodale – Anime Stuarte

Chikiss – Что-то в этом мире длится долго

Marco Brosolo – Vivit il momento

Daniel Johnston – Living It For The Moment

Daniel Johnston – Funeral Home

Daniel Johnston – Some Things Last A Long Time