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The Eggman Gallery Radio Hour #82

04 May 2022
  • Avant-Garde
  • Pop
  • Punk Rock
  • Reggae
  • Techno
  • Chaotic
  • Excitable
  • Provocative

Going back to basics, Tristan and Seb bring you the tracks that have kept them going over the past few weeks across an array of genres, from piano numbers to hardcore punk via the odd techno belter.

Eggman 82.jpeg


David Friend & Jerome Begin - These patterns
Wayne Shorter - Ponta de Areia
Natsu Summer - Twilight Shadow
Comorian - Bandits Are Doing Bad Deeds
Whatever The Weather - 6°C
Zulu - Say this
Les Mamans du Congo & RROBIN - Meki
Gav & Jord - Writings Ov Tomato
John FM - Forever
Batu - Convergence
Wordcolour - Bluster (Djrum Remix)
The Flex - Lost Cause
Comorian - America, Crazy
Jeremiah Chiu & Marta Sofia Honer - Stureby House Piano
Wool & The Pants - Bottom of Tokyo
Junior Y Su Equipo - Alegrate
Chronixx - Never Give Up
Tiana Major9 Feat. Smino - 2 Seater
Jeshi feat. Obongjayar - Protein
Vox Populi! - Somebody's Calling My Name
FINGERGAP - Would You Like to Dance with Me
Physical Therapy - 2 Tears (Illegal Mix)
Brainkillers & Lewi Cifer - Hurt Me
Lia Catreux - United Taste
Simo Cell & Abdullah Miniawy - Sama (Learning How to Fly)